Jerash is an amazing blend of Greco-Roman and Oriental influences. A great place to visit during the spring with its beautiful rolling hills and lush greenery, Jerash has a rhythm not seen anywhere else in Jordan. Also, every year Jerash hosts the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts, a three week summer program filled with folk dance, music, and theatrical performances.

Ranger Adventure Camp

If you’re looking for sport and adventure combined in one place than the Rangers Camp for Adventure is the place for you. With a climbing wall, lightning tower, and a low games field you can take in the beautiful Northern countryside while you work up a sweat.

Contact information/ how to book:
Telephone: 009627 9557 5000


Dibbin Forest Reserve

An oasis of peace, the Dibbin Nature Reserve is a great location to hike, picnic, or just sit back and watch the wild-life. Home to 17 endangered species the reserve is sure to leave you full of life.

Contact information/ how to book:
Telephone: 00962 6 5350456
Social Media: @RSCNJordan



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