The Baptism Site/ Bethany beyond the Jordan/ Al-Maghtas

Home to several biblical cities including Sodom, Gomorrah, and Zoar, the archaeological discoveries between the Jordan River and Tal al-Kharrar have identified this area as Biblical “Bethany Beyond the Jordan.” The area is where John was living when he baptized Jesus. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Baptism Site commission welcomes pilgrims from all around the world seeking spiritual connection to biblical times, a glimpse of history or a chance to be baptized where Jesus was so many years ago.

If that’s not enough biblical history for one area, the cave where Lot and his daughters took refuge after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is located just outside an area called Safi (Biblical Zoar).

5 Stars Hotels

# Name Name in Arabic Phone/Fax Website
1 Crowne Plaza - Dead Sea كراون بلازا - البحر الميت 053494000 / 053494004
2 Hilton Dead Sea Resort فندق ومنتجع هيلتون البحر الميت 053493000 / 05506310
3 Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea منتجع هوليدي ان البحر الميت 053495555 / 053560056
4 Jordan Valley Marriott Resort and SPA فندق ماريوت البحر الميت 053560400 / 053560444
5 Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea فندق كمبنسكي عشتار البحر الميت 053568888 / 053568800
6 Lagoon Hotel Resort فندق ومنتجع البحيرة 05007500 / 05007529
7 Movenpick Resort & SPA Dead Sea فندق ومنتجع موفنبيك البحر الميت 053561111 / 053561131

4 Stars Hotels

# Name Name in Arabic Phone/Fax Website
1 Dead Sea SPA Hotel فندق البحر الميت العلاجي 053561000 / 053561012
2 Grand East Hotel فندق جراند ايست 05005500 / 05005505
3 Ramada Resort Dead Sea منتجع رمادا البحر الميت 053495000 / 053495001


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