Issue No. 18 - February / March 2010



Dear Members and Friends,

The first quarter of the year was both very busy and very rewarding.

JTB took part in a number of international activities including ITB in Berlin, BIT in Mailano, and Destination Nature Expo in Paris.

From what we saw during the past few weeks, I can confidently report that interest in Jordan as a unique destination is not just still there … but is also picking up momentum.

This momentum has been evident in the numbers we have been receiving on hotel reservations, arrival numbers, and tourism revenues. Figures issued by the Tourism Ministry indicated that tourism revenues rose by 35% in January and February reaching JD311 million from JD231 million in the same period in 2009. The number of visitors has also witnessed a significant increase in the same period rising by 20.4% from 785,751 to 946,147 tourists.

Hotels are reporting 80-100% occupancy rates, in what is expected to be a fine tourism season. Such increases prompted hotels in Petra to seek additional rooms in 4 and 3 star hotels or even book rooms for their clients in Aqaba.

Various sites are also reporting important increases in visitor numbers. For example, the Baptism Site said visitor numbers in the first quarter jumped 24.3% over the same period in 2009. The first quarter was also good for Madaba, which reported “unprecedented” visitor numbers well ahead of the peak season.

Petra, our jewel in the crown, was no exception. The ancient rose-red city was visited by almost 220,000 people in the first quarter representing a 50% increase of the same period last year, while entry ticket revenues jumped 179%.

We are encouraged by the rise in Arab visitor numbers led by Saudi Arabian nationals, whose numbers totaled more than 158,000 visitors since the beginning of the year. Equally encouraging are the number of foreign visitors led by British nationals, who totaled more than 16,000 people in the same period indicating a rise of 48.5%. Visitors from France, Russia, Germany and Italy took the second, third, fourth and fifth places respectively.

Armed with optimism and very promising numbers, we are looking forward to a very successful year.

Welcome to this new edition of JTBwire.

Nayef Al-Fayez
Managing Director


Al Afghani - a downtown fixture with a history

The Kingdom’s oldest antique shop, Al Afghani in downtown Amman, reflects the heritage of Jordan and the Arab world not only through its merchandise, but also through its own history.

RJ logs JD28.6 million net profit in 2009

The results show that in 2009, RJ generated net profits of JD28.6 million, in spite of the challenges that the air transport industry faced last year, most significantly the global economic crisis and its impact on passenger travel and cargo.

RJ holds its 46th Annual Conference
RJ launches direct route to Madinah

Loeb wins Jordan Rally
RJ wins Punctuality Award at Schiphol Aviation Awards

  Baptism Site visitors up 25%

Visitor numbers at the Baptism Site has witnessed a 25% increase during March compared to the same month in 2009.

Baptism Site Commission Director Dia Madani said in addition to the traditional visitors from Europe and the United sates, the Site has seen an increase in the numbers of Greeks, East Asians and Arabs visiting the location of where Jesus Christ was baptized.

JITOA offers “Destination Management Certificate”
Qasr al-Mushatta to be restored by German and Jordanian teams




Petra Q1 visitors and revenues up

First quarter statistics have shown a significant rise in both visitor numbers and entry ticket revenues at the ancient rock-carved city of Petra.

Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA) Chief Commissioner Nasser Shraideh said tourism activity has been on the rise since the beginning of the year.


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