Issue No. 23- February / March 2011


Letter from the Managing Director

Dear Members and Friends,
The past few weeks have witnessed the unravelling of a number of regional developments, particularly in Tunisia and Egypt: two “Middle-Eastern” countries with high touristic visibility.

The events took place under a very high media attention which, in many instances, went beyond “reporting a revolution” to begin speculating who will be next. Some went as far as linking any demonstration in Jordan to the “turmoil” in the region, while others said Jordan was a “victim of political unrest”.

As I have said to members of the media: To compare Jordan with the “political unrest” in Egypt and Tunisia is incorrect, unobjective, and is certainly unfair.

Jordan is blessed for being strategically located in the heart of the Middle East and at the crossroads of civilizations. However, we have always recognized that with such blessing comes the danger of being stereotyped as part of a “turbulent region”.

Jordan is also blessed with a stable political system under the leadership of His majesty King Abdullah II, and has a long and credible history of being “an oasis of stability” despite a “turbulent” region.

We are very proud of our democratic institutions and of our ability to exercise our rights to protest, while police distribute water and refreshments to demonstrators. This lies in absolute contradiction to what has been and is being seen in many other parts of the region and the world.

Having said that, I would like to reiterate that Jordan remains to be a safe, secure and hospitable destination and that tourists from all over the world continue to enjoy its countless and priceless treasures.

International confidence in the Kingdom’s touristic diversity as well as its unique hospitality has been clearly reflected in the unprecedented growth in tourist arrivals at a time when the rest of the world was reeling under the effects of the Global financial crisis.

Welcome to Jordan … and welcome to this new edition of JTBwire.

Nayef Al-Fayez
Managing Director


JORDAN HIGHLIGHTS                                                 


Jordan's Prince Ali wins FIFA vice-presidency
princeali.jpgJordan's Prince Ali Ibn Al-Hussein was elected FIFA Vice President representing Asia, speaks to present his vision for the position during a news conference with Mohammed Khalfan Al Rumaithi, chairman of the United Arab of Emirates Football Association, in Amman.
RJ transports Russian executives for annual conference at Dead Sea
Pilgrims mark Epiphany & Theophany at Baptism Site
New Greek Orthodox church planned in Baptism Site
Jordan's Prince Ali wins FIFA vice-presidency
Three new nature reserves to be launched this year
A taste of home in the heart of Rome

JTB NEWS                                                                       
  Tourism Ministers discuss common visa for Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey

The tourism ministers of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey have discussed issuing a common visa for group tourists visiting their countries.

The measurements Jordan Tourism Board took during the crisis in neighboring countries

Unfazed by news reports, tourists in Jordan enjoying ‘safe’ stays
Jordan Tourism Board celebrates another year of record achievements
Tourism Ministers discuss common visa for Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey
“Don’t mess with Nature” picks momentum, gets contribution



Petra revenues from Tourism up 31% in 2010

The number of visitors to the ancient red-rose city of Petra has increased by 27% in 2010 compared with 2009.


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