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Issue No. 31 -June / July 2012

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JTB organizes its first international conference, in cooperation with the UNWTO & WTTC
India, Jordan look to boost tourism cooperation
King inaugurates Prophet Mohammad museum
Kingdom set to tap tourism season

Launch of the 99 Things to Do in Amman list

Ads in major online newspapers and travel websites: Jordan will display ads on major news and travel websites such as orf.at, diepresse.com, derstandard.at, joe24.at, wetter.at, viennainfo.at. Expected ad impressions will be nearly 600,000.
Ad in Cercle Diplomatique: With the aim of targeting new consumers in the diplomatic and economic circlues of Austria, a Jordan print ad will be published in Cerle Diplomatique, as well as 4 additional pages of editorial.
Meeting of press & trade: In cooperation with Corps Touristique Austria, JTB will participate in this annual get-together with press and travel trade, where there will be a multimedia presentation on Jordan and a special brochure with all destinations will be published for this event. This event is intended to strengthen the relations with the media and the travel trade.
Mega-billboard outdoor campaign: Two huge mega-billboards (40m2 each) on the two busiest highways in Vienna will promote the 200th anniversary of the rediscovery of Petra. Each billboard shows a beautiful picture of Petra and is also illuminated at night.
Jordan supermarket promotion: In cooperation with TO Rewe Touristik, a special Jordan program was created, which will be featured on the title of a travel flyer that is distributed in 120 supermarket outlets on a specially designed cardboard dispenser. Jordan will also be the main theme on these dispensers.

For more information on any of the above activities, please contact Mr. Ahmad Kraishan at Ahmad.K@visitjordan.com
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