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Issue No. 32 -August / September 2012

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Tourism investments at Dead Sea expected to reach JD300m this year
JTB in collaboration with KHBTCC go the extra mile to promote Jordan at EULAR 2012 in Berlin
For the second year, Citadel Nights lights up Amman’s highest hill
New tourist trails launched

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Print Advertising:
  • TTG newspaper: ¼ page size 130 mm wide x 180 mm high. 12,000 Russia, CIS and Baltic states; of these 5,000 in Moscow. TTG Russia is part of Travel Trade Gazette, well-known internationally. Distributed to a tightly controlled circulation including travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, airline companies and NTO. TTG highlights the latest news of travel industry, tourism trends and carries out market research. Because of free subscription, the largest and most complete address database and direct mailing TTG Russia reaches lots of travel professionals in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. Published monthly.
  • Medical & Health Tourism Magazine: 1 full page 210 x 297 mm of image advertising. 40.000 copies. Medical & Health Tourism Magazine is a publication that is part of the global medical and health tourism community. The purpose of the activity is to increase awareness among medical sector and to increase enquiries and sales generated in the medical tourism segment; to present Jordan as very attractive health tourism destination with vast opportunities and a country worth visiting.
  • Who is Who. Medical & Health Tourism: 1 full page 210 x 280 mm of image advertising. 40.000 copies. ‘Who is Who. Medical & Health Tourism’ is general media partner of ‘Leisure 2012’ exhibition, SPA Conference and section ‘Health Tourism’. It is the unified Russian directory of medical and health tourism business (Russian language edition). Published twice a year. The purpose of the activity is to increase awareness among medical sector and to increase enquiries and sales generated in the medical tourism segment.
  • TONKOSTI PRODAZH catalogue: 1/1 page size 210 wide 280 high. 12.000 copies. TONKOSTI PRODAZH catalogue is a professional edition for all experts and specialists of travel trade industry. Published twice a year – before summer and winter season. The catalogue is distributed to Russian travel agencies, tour operators, NTO, etc. and each issue contains lists of existing tour operators, actual and practical information about countries and resorts with detailed maps and hotels charts. The catalogue also highlights all important materials necessary for successful work of travel agency: legal issues, taxation, financial accounting, peculiarities of different tours selling etc.
  • TourInfo magazine: 1 page of advertising block + 1 page of article in the section ‘Travel Guide’. 6.000 copies. ‘TourInfo’ – B2B travel magazine for professionals of tourism industry of Russia; this is the first Russian business publication for the travel industry professionals. The magazine is distributed into 161 Russian cities. For regional companies, it is the main source of reliable information about Moscow's largest companies and touristic activities of the authorities.
  • Look&Touch magazine: 2 page: article + layout. 50.000 copies. Look&Touch is a glossy magazine which covers such spheres as World, Travel, Style&Beauty, Life&Style and which addresses very accurate audience with high incomes. This print advertising is within co-op activities with Solvex.
  • Vash Dosug magazine: 1/1 ad (210 x 210 mm). 50.000 copies. Vash Dosug is a weekly magazine, one of the oldest magazine about holidays, activities, opportunities for leisure for Moscow citizens, one of the most popular magazine of that type. Audience – middle and high class people of 30-45 years, men and women who are ready to spend money for holidays, travel and leisure. This print advertising is within co-op activities with Labirint.
Online Advertising:
  • Tourprom.ru: text-graphic block. Monthly audience of tourprom.ru is over 400 000 people (unique visitors according to «HotLog» and «SpyLog»), among which the majority is professionals of tourism industry: directors and representatives of travel agencies and tour operators. This is one of the main tourism web portals in Russia. This is a great B2B tool in tourism. Most of agencies visited this web portal to get the last information and news in tourism segment. All tourism news firstly published here.
  • tophotels.ru, section: text-graphic block. 2 million page views. This is the most well known web portal in Russia, where concentrated the descriptions and the reviews from the clients of the most hotels all over the world. More then 2 000 000 tourists per month use this web site to search the hotel for their holidays.
  • travel.mail.ru: banner 220*300. 1 million page views per week. mail.ru is one of the global search engines and a leading company in Russian Internet by number of unique visitors. Mail.ru consists of different portals; one of them is travel.mail.ru, which is used to search information about different destinations, get the latest news, etc.
  • treatment-abroad.ru: banner 730*90, dynamic, TOP high format. 120.000 visitors per month. special web portal about treatment abroad, the best meeting resource for professionals of medical and health tourism with potential Clients. All sections are devoted to actual medical issues, the website has very detailed and constantly updating information about medicine; the main visitors are 80% - Russians, 56% - Moscow citizens.
  • health.mail.ru: publication of an editorial/article. average number of visitors –over 1,1 million per week. Mail.ru is the first Russian search engine, one of the largest and most popular in Russian Internet, the only online platform that has section devoted to Medical tourism – health.mail.ru, the main visitors are 65% - Russians, 35% - CIS countries.
Press trips:
  • NTV crew: NTV is one of the largest television companies in Russia, covering more than 80% of the country’s territory, i.e. 113,8 million viewers. Five to six episodes/shows to be produced.
Exhibitions or trade show pariticpation: Otdykh LEISURE – 2012, 18th International Specialized Trade Fair for Tourism and Travel: The largest Autumn travel show for Russia‘s tourism market. It combines three specialized professional exhibitions and two global conferences on MICE and Health & Medical Travel, as well as a number of workshops, press conferences, seminars and meetings. According to Russian tourism players, September dates of the event are the best dates for intense work of professionals in the travel industry of Russia to get prepared for the winter season, to establish new contacts and to determinate pricing for the autumn and winter season. Leading TOP tour operators, travel agents, tourism expert, potential tourists and media of Russia.
  • Jordan Days in Moscow coffee houses: a wide-scale advertising campaign not only in Moscow but in the Russian regions. Extremely important B2C campaign as we approach autumn-winter season for B2C segment. It is exactly our target audience with incomes above the average and higher. The ‘Jordan Days’ is a very active and audience attractive campaign organized on the eve of Russian national holiday - ‘The Knowledge Day’. All the coffee houses will be decorated in Jordan style (posters, table tents, flyers, menu, etc).
Miscellaneous activities:
  • Distribution of E-Marketing Newsletters: Internet is a very effective tool for distribution and promotion of any information. To contribute much to the popularity of Jordan as an excellent travel destination for Russian tourists it is necessary to spread as much good news as possible. The activity is aimed at increasing Jordan awareness among target audience and providing strong share of the country at most popular and cited media resources. JTB in Russia press-releases and newsletters mailed regularly to travel trade, media and registered consumers. This regular activity is aimed at distribution of Jordan destination news and announcements. E-mailing is a direct hit on target audience that guarantees increased awareness about Jordan.
  • Radio Program “Galopom Po Evropam” on radio Echo Moskvy: “GALOPOM PO EVROPAM” Live Broadcast at Echo Moskvy Radio Station. Manager of Jordan direction of DSBW and a person from Jordan Tourist Board will tell people about Jordan for 40 minutes.
  • Jordan advertising at Hit FM radio: Sponsorship of block “Weather”, timekeeping 30 sec. Before or after information about weather Dj reading advertising text about Jordan, which we provide to them covering the most important information about Jordan to increase the loyalty and knowledge about country.

For more information on any of the above activities, please contact Mr. Ahmad Khraishan - Area Marketing Manager at Ahmad.K@visitjordan.com
For information on planned marketing activities for each of our source markets, please select a country from the list below.