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Issue No. 36 -April / May 2013

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World Travel Awards ATM
King Abdullah opens new Queen Alia airport terminal
President Obama in Petra
Jordan’s Tourism Horizons Continue to Expand: Istanbul-Aqaba Route
JTB launched a campaign on instagram inviting followers to share pictures of Jordan
JTB is hosting one of the top travel bloggers Gary Arndt

Print Advertising:
  • ‘Domodedovo’ Magazine: ½ page of image advertising 210 x 264 mm in main block in April. ‘Domodedovo. Moscow Airport’ is the largest and most promising airport in Russia. Audiences of the monthly "Domodedovo. Moscow Airport" magazine are members of the Russian regional business elite, managers of big and medium-size business, their family members and Muscovites who maintain business contacts with regional partners. 10 – 15% of passengers carry the magazine away. An average of four passengers read every copy. Each issue has an audience of nearly 350,000. Circulation: 85,000 copies.
  • Hot Hotels Catalogue: two pages informational section about Jordan, March-April issue. Catalogue Hot Hotels – top hotels of the Hot tours chain – season 2013. This unique edition is published twice a year especially for sales offices of the Hot tours chain and is designed for customers planning their own trips. Distribution: sales Offices of Hot Tours chain (Moscow, Moscow region, territories of Russia, CIS countries). Circulation: 10,000 copies.
  • Za Rubezhom [B2C]: in May, 1 page of image advertizing and 1 page article about Jordan. Za Rubezhom is the oldest and very respected full-color magazine which publishes interesting materials about world economy and politics, travelling and vacations, fashion, culture. Magazine has many actually sections like \Lifestyle’, Health’, ‘Food’, ‘World’, etc. and presents all articles in a very intelligent and competent way. Target audience: Men-55%, women-45%, age 25-50, income-high. Directors and top-managers, business owners, muddle class representatives. People with positive views, open to new ideas, often visitors of restaurants, theatres, galleries, exhibitions, who travel a lot and when choosing goods pay attention to the quality but not price. Circulation: 90,000 copies.
  • ‘Mir Otdikha’ magazine [B2B & B2C]: April-May in Ukraine, 1/1 pages (1/2 article of image advertising). ‘Mir Otdikha’ is a unique magazine focused on both experienced travelers and new ones. It contains maximum information about new destinations and vacations, resorts and active tours, best world hotels and cuisines, etc. Circulation: 20,000 copies.
  • Edem v optusk: [B2C], April-May in Ukraine, 1/1 pages (1/2 article + ½ of image advertising) ‘Edem v otpusk’ is a weekly travel catalogue, quite popular and widely distributed among the audience with high incomes. Distribution: free in business and trade centers, supermarkets, offices of airline companies, restaurants, touristic exhibitions, etc. Audience: rich people, with high level of education and active lifestyle, people who prefer goods and services of high quality and interested in travelling. Circulation: 20,000 copies

Online advertising:
  • 100dorog.ru [B2B & B2C]: 11 March- 11 April 2013 in Russia. Organization of contest (quiz) about Jordan for TO & TA in order to find out how they sell Jordan, what’s in demand, etc.; marketing questionnaire at the most popular touristic resource. To actively attract new TO and TA for Jordan stand at MITT exhibition. The winner of the contest will be awarded at Jordan stand at MITT. Expected number of participants – 500 Maximum cost of a contact: 1, 11 euro. One of the oldest and most popular touristic portals and one of the largest touristic Internet communities. Media portal about tourism and all aspects of this industry. Average attendance up to 150,000 visitors per month.
  • Turprofi.ru [B2B]: April-June 2013 in Russia. To actively promote Jordan as an attractive destination for new TO and TA. The campaign includes JTB banner placement at all pages of all web portals; Organization of Jordan contest at the main page of all web portals; placement of VisitJordan Online Academy in the calendar of events. TurProfi is the website for travel professionals represented in 5 key regions of Russia (Rostov-on-Don, St.Petersburg, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Kazan). Circulation: 32,000 daily visits.

TV advertisings:
  • Tv Ad in Moskva 24, My Planet, Doverie, from April-May in Russia. 4,5-5,5 million people for each channel + Russia coverage, Age 20-45+, 45 female, high-employed - 76,7%, with high income -83%. The audience is quite well-off with active social position. ‘Moskva 24’ channel is a twenty-four-hour informational channel launched by Moscow government and focused on all ten boroughs of Moscow City. The channel delivers all news happening in the city as well as cultural events, new technologies overview and other useful and interesting programs. ‘Moskva 24’ is viewed by 5 mln. household audience and available via cable and multiservice networks and in the Internet – www.m24.ru‘Moskva 24’ is a prototype channel of NY1.My Planet TV Channel is 24-h Russian comprehensive TV channel focused on travels, science, history and people. MY PLANET is available to viewers via DTH, cable and multiservice networks across Russia from Kaliningrad to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, in the Baltic and CIS countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. Since January 1, 2010 several hours of the channel’s programming have been broadcast on Rossiya 2 and Rossiya 24.‘Doverie’ channel is the first socially-oriented channel. The main goal of the channel is to keep people informed with all the events happening in the fast changing reality and help them adapt to it. The channel covers all Moscow region.

FAM trips:
  • Group of leading Ukrainian journalists from 12-19 of May. Press group of Ukrainian journalists (B2B & B2C) will visit all important touristic places of Jordan. The objective of the trip is to present Jordan as a standalone destination and country of choice that offers unique experiences for any taste and budget.

Exhibition or participation events:
  • ‘Healthcare Travel Expo. Spa, Wellness, Medical’ in Kyiv, from 16-19 of April. Ideal platform, orientated on practice of providing high quality medical services in Ukraine and abroad, a unique platform for professionals in the field of medical tourism, SPA&Wellness. leading international clinics, medical and rehabilitation centers, health resorts, SPA & Wellness resorts, B2B and B2C segment. Medical Tourism – actual and quickly developing direction in Ukraine. Every year more than 130 000 Ukrainians go abroad for medical tourism to get a qualitative diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation. This event will gather together all leading Companies which provide services in the field of medical tourism, Medical Centres, Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Centers, private clinics, General Hospitals, Doctors experts, Buyers and consumers. http://htexpo.com.ua/en/about.

  • Distribution of E-Marketing Newsletters (E-mailings) from April – May 2013 in Russia. Internet is a very effective tool for distribution and promotion of any information. To contribute much to the popularity of Jordan as an excellent travel destination for Russian tourists it is necessary to spread as much good news as possible. The activity is aimed at increasing Jordan awareness among target audience and providing strong share of the country at most popular and cited media resources. JTB in Russia press-releases and newsletters mailed regularly to travel trade, media and registered consumers on different topics (about historical and biblical places of Jordan, medical tourism, leisure, SPA, etc). This regular activity is aimed at distribution of Jordan destination news and announcements. E-mailing is a direct hit on target audience that guarantees increased awareness about Jordan.
  • VisitJordan Academy E-mailings. Online training programs from April-May 2013 in Russia. : Internet is a very effective tool for distribution and promotion of any information. The activity is aimed at involvement of travel agents into the Academy in order to improve their knowledge of the destination and stimulate sales volume during the year. Russian-language version of VisitJordan Academy online training program is waiting for tour operators and travel agencies. The purpose of the activity is to expand the sales network on destination by attracting new agents in Russia.
  • Distributions of the brochures in Russian largest cities (St. Petersburg). we have to educate people in terms of travelling to Jordan for different reasons. Russian regions have a great potential to travel and increase the volume of tourists to Jordan, the main thing is to inform them about possibilities. We will spread the brochures about Jordan in the large regions to inform people about this destination.

For more information on any of the above activities, please contact Mr. Ahmad Kraishan - Area Marketing Manager at Ahmad.K@visitjordan.com.
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