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Issue No. 37 -June / July 2013

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Jordan Tourism Board organized a road show in Far East
Jordan Tourism Board launches its new website
We went to the Jordan Museum! – A review By Sarah Crosswell
Zara Investment Holding Celebrates the Opening of "Saltos Hotel"
Ecotourism comes to Petra – inauguration of the first three camps
Royal Wings to operate weekly charter flights from three East European countries

Online Campaign:
  • Consumer Online Campaign: Despite the small budget for the 2013 online campaign, JTB Italy has been able to get a very strong exposure with some of the most interesting consumer and travel on line portal. With the Vanity Fair campaign, Jordan will get a strong and up-level visibility on one of the trendiest websites of the moment. With Tripadvisor and Turistipercaso JTB will be able to reach a huge numbers of travelers and travel lovers. Relevant media includes vanity.it, tripadvisor.it, and turistipercaso.it

Exhibition or participation in events:
  • Jordan presentation: Venice, Jordan presentation for final consumer in collaboration with the TO Brevivet, held on June 26th. Attendance 70-80 customers leaving for Jordan in Autumn 2013. Format: Reception, distribution of Jordan brochures, Presentation by Marco Biazzetti of JTB Italy, Jordan Video, presentation of Jordan tours by Brevivet.
  • Jordan promotion: Co-market activity with Auratours in Salerno. To promote Jordan with a specialized TO through an event dedicated to travel agencies scattered throughout Italy, and to increase Jordan exposure and figures. Travel Agents arriving from Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples.
  • FAM trip: 11 travel agents selected by JTB Italy will be traveling to Jordan from May 25th to June 1st. In partnership with Royal Jordanian, the FAM will see the most important Jordan tourist attractions, from the North to Aqaba.

  • Sales calls: Meetings with TOs featuring Jordan based in Rome to promote Jordan, to maintain good relationship with TOs, to encourage new programs and itineraries, to find new operators interesting in Jordan programming, and to check chances of co-op for the promotion of Jordan to trade and consumer. Calls will be administered by Sireen Awwad, regional manager.
  • Shopping malls promotion: Each week, one shopping mall will host a Jordan gallery with a photo exhibition, a big pop-up panel, and 1 info point with a hostess and a fortune wheel to promote Jordan and distribute gadgets and information about the destination. Held in the 7 biggest shopping malls in Northern Italy, one mall each week. Period: 4 malls in spring, 4 malls in Autumn.
  • Lecce Tourism Film Festival: Co-partnership with the TO 4 Winds for the participation of Jordan as special guest destination during the edition 2013, and for the organization of a workshop dedicated to TAs during the festival (in Lecce, Italy). This will promote Jordan during the most important Tourism Film Festival organized in Italy, with hundred of journalists and movie experts, consumers and travel agencies. Jordan will be the special guest of this event and a JTB movie will be shown during the Festival, and meetings will be held with TOs and TAs during the workshop. Workshop held on June 21st.
  • Co-partnership with TO Hotelplan: Two actions dedicated to Jordan: 1) distribution of windows display dedicated to Jordan to 1000 selected travel agencies scattered from North to South Italy; 2) Attending as special guest to the Hotelplan convention that will be held in November with the participation of 400 travel agencies.
  • Religious workshops and seminars: Co-partnership with the religious TO Brevivet for the organization of A) 2 seminars dedicated to Jordan for religious leaders and promoters, head of dioceses and priests; B) 4 workshops dedicated to the TAs training. This will promote Jordan as religious and cultural destination in 2013 and to increase the pilgrimage in Jordan. Seminars: 3 hours of Jordan presentation including the religious tours proposed by Brevivet. Workshops: 4 hours workshop dedicated to Jordan with slide, video. Attendance 50-60 travel agents, religious promoters and priest. The workshops will be followed by a final raffle (with journey in Jordan offered by Brevivet) and dinner for all the participants.

For more information on any of the above activities, please contact Miss. Sireen Awwad - Area Marketing Manager at sireen@visitjordan.com.
For information on planned marketing activities for each of our source markets, please select a country from the list below.w.