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Issue No. 37 -June / July 2013

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United Kingdom
Jordan Tourism Board organized a road show in Far East
Jordan Tourism Board launches its new website
We went to the Jordan Museum! – A review By Sarah Crosswell
Zara Investment Holding Celebrates the Opening of "Saltos Hotel"
Ecotourism comes to Petra – inauguration of the first three camps
Royal Wings to operate weekly charter flights from three East European countries

  • Orange Campaign: In July and August, a campaign with the publication Orange will begin, reaching 7,050,000 consumers. This campaign will include:
    • Promotional feature in an Orange Mobile e-newsletter sent to 650,000 customers – to include Jordan logo, image and headline copy
    • Inclusion within an Orange Mobile SMS (text message) sent to 1,300,000 customers (headline copy only)
    • Link to dedicated competition / campaign landing page on the Orange website – to include Jordan logo, image, 80 words of copy and URL link
    • Customers will be provided with the opportunity to opt-in to ongoing Jordan communications, with all opt-in Orange customer data then provided for future use by JTB
    • Follow-up email (dedicated Jordan) sent to all opt-in data collected – to include deeper destination and 'how to get there' messaging, sales messaging / offers and links to find out more
  • Selling Long Haul FAM Trip Competition: In May and June, partnering with Selling Long Haul allows Jordan Tourism Board to tap into an extensive database of travel agents and this proposal combines: a competition to push sales; a Fam trip, which is the prize for the competition, in order to demonstrate to key agents that Jordan is a safe destination and improve product knowledge; Production of a bespoke Jordan selling supplement with all the relevant information about how to increase bookings. This includes a full page competition in Selling Long Haul (to win a place on one of the FAM trips), inclusion in monthly Selling Long Haul emails to agents for the duration of the competition, and promotion on Sellinglonghaul.com. Total circulation is 16,500.

Sales Calls:
  • JTB Sales Calls: June 17th-21st, Jordan Tourism Board will embark on a series of sales calls to visit key partners in Dublin and Belfast. A media event is also planned to take place. The Irish economy is rebounding from a period of recession and the outbound market, particularly in the religious sector, has a high potential for growth.

Familiarization Trip:
  • Familiarization Trip focused in Faith and Culture: JTB London will host a trip in June to Jordan with key people from 3 tour operators: ACE Cultural Tours, Richmond Holidays and MIB Travel. Hayley Amanda Barnard works as a freelance photojournalist and for Sorted magazine. Jordan is a key destination for the Faith Market, still some UK tour operators need to discover it to feature Jordan and sell it as a main religious destination. This trip will showcase the Kingdom and the main biblical sites to three tour operators and one journalist.

Exhibition or participation in events:
  • Bright Travel Agent Training: In Belfast and Manchester on June 18th and 19th, as part of the regional BRIGHT travel agent training program, which takes place throughout the year, there will be evening training session on Jordan with the BRIGHT members. Approximately 50 travel agents to be introduced to or learn more about tourism to Jordan. The goal is to train independent travel agents and raise their awareness of Jordan.
  • Aspire Luxury Travel Club: The ASPIRE luxury travel club, in which JTB are Platinum Members (and thus, have a voice in setting the agenda for the editorial coverage and direction of members) is operated by Travel Weekly. It provides travel agents with the opportunity to earn membership through the selling of luxury holidays, and to gain tier benefits. The ASPIRE members, (destinations, hotels, airlines) gain access to the audience of qualified travel agents and have an opportunity to raise awareness and drive increased sales as a result. Only Board members can attend the strategy meeting. Approximately 50 Travel Agents will attend each forum event that takes place in the year.
  • Irish Media Event: On June 17th, as part of JTB’s trip to Dublin, BPR has arranged a small media event for up to 20 journalists to discuss Jordan’s tourism product with representatives from JTB and the Brighter Group. The goal is to make contact with the Irish media and promote Jordan’s tourism product.

Press trips:
  • Brighter Group, Individual Press Trip: Neil has been commissioned by the travel editor of The Scotsman to write a double page spread on Jordan with a particular focus on Wadi Rum. The story will be the main travel feature and is expected to be published in summer 2013 in The Scotsman, a Scottish national newspaper with a circulation of 32,726. Neil will be traveling from June 10th-15th.
  • Individual Press Trip: David is writing an eight page feature on the Feynan Eco-Lodge and the wildlife that can be found in the Dana Nature Reserve. He also has additional commissions for the Yorkshire Post and Toronto Star for which he is writing about Petra and the Dead Sea respectively. The coverage will be published in Wild Travel, a consumer travel magazine with a circulation of 20,000. He will travel from June 21st-28th.

For more information on any of the above activities, please contact Miss Sara Noor - Area Marketing Manager at sara@visitjordan.com.
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