Issue No. 37 -June / July 2013

Dear members and friends,

Summer has begun, and we are very optimistic with the Far East and Eastern Europe road shows that we went to in the past couple of months. I am happy to say that they were very successful and that many TO’s from both markets have shown great interest in collaborating and promoting Jordan as a go to destination.

We are happy to announce the launch of our updated website. The new website, whose domain name remains, reflects JTB’s insistence on promoting more consumer-driven relationships. As such, the updated version is both more aesthetically pleasing for viewers, as well as more user-friendly. The international version of the updated website has gone live, and the rest of the languages will soon follow.

What is more, we started a few facebook campaigns targeting mobile users in Europe and have had around 27,000 new followers in the past month and a half. Targeting mobile users insures the integration of Jordan within the new smart phone user market. We of course have more plans to establish ourselves within this market as we work on updating our running mobile application.

Finally, we are beginning to expand on our 99 things to do in Amman campaign, by inviting visitors to Jordan to create user-generated reviews for each activity on our list, which will paint a more trustworthy and realistic picture enticing more travelers to visit Jordan.

Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat
Managing Director

Jordan Tourism Board launches new food website

In its endeavor to promote Jordan and maximize the number of attendees of the 15th Congress of Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology (APLAR) 2012, the Jordan Tourism Board recently joined resources with King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre ......


JTB participates in French trade show IFTM Top Resa
Jordan was very pleased to welcome on its booth Mrs Sylvia PINEL, French Minister of Tourism. The Jordanian delegation led by Dr Abed Al Razzaq introduced the great assets of the destination to Mrs PINEL, and posed together in front of Petra's Treasury.
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> Announcing the launch of the new and improved!
> Cute lady at Souk Assukar
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