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Issue No. 39 -August / November 2013

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Jordan to tap into food and family market
Jordan’s 2013 tourism revenue expected to double
Two Jordan Mövenpick resorts receive “Readers' Choice” recognition from Condé Nast Traveler
Tourism board promotes Jordan in France
Royal Jordanian And Oman Air Enter Free Sale Codeshare Agreement
JTB's twitter account has been verified

Coop Marketing/ Trade Activities:
  • Coop Trade Promotion during October/November 2013. Jordan Flyers in cooperation with Phoenix Reisen to their travel agent partners promoting different Phoenix Reisen trips to Jordan.
  • Coop Trade Promotion during October 2013. Mono-thematic Jordan newsletter (30.000) in cooperation with Diamir Reisen to their travel agent partners promoting different trips to Jordan.
  • Coop Biblical promotion (biblical budget) during November 16th to 23rd 2013. Coop FAM trip with Bayerisches Pilgerburo. Bayerisches Pulgerburo is inviting ten church opinion leaders to Jordan. JTB will take care of the flight tickets as well as single support in Jordan (one dinner and maybe Petra by night). Res will be taken care of by Bayerisches Pilgerburo.
  • Coop Marketing in August – participation with the FTI Orient Road Show. 1 week tour through 5 German cities promoting Jordan in front of travel agent audience in cooperation with FTI. The cities will be Berlin, Hannover, Dortmund and Frankfurt.
  • Consumer Promotion in September – Online campaign in cooperation with Berge & Meer on their website, themed box on the homepage on Jordan (as from 02.09.2013 on) and themed box in the client newsletter promotion Jordan (newsletter 03.09.2013)
  • Trade Promotion – August/ September: Mono-thematic Jordan newsletter (30,000) in cooperation with Diamir Reisen to their travel agent partners promotion different trips to Jordan.

Consumer Marketing
  • Fair style consumer event during October 5th and 6th. Participation with the Diamir Globetrotter days. Consumer event in the style of a small travel fair. Jordan will have its own booth.
  • Sonnenklar TV promotion during September and Octobr 2013. Jordan promotion on Sonnenklar TB promoting Jordan in General and several special trips that are bookable directly through Sonnenklar TV.
  • Windrose client E-newsletter during October. Jordan promotion in a mono-themed Windrose Reisen newsletter to their direct clients.
  • Print advertising: coop marketing during August: coop- advertising in cooperation with DIAMIR Reisen in the supplement “Zeit Magazin” of the well-known German weekly newspaper |die Zeit” promoting a trip to Jordan with DIAMIR.
  • Big online promotion in cooperation with JT incl. Jordan landing page during August/ September. Jordan Landing page on www.jt.de, banner placement on the JT Homepage with link to Jordan landing page, banner placement in JT newsletter with link to Jordan Landing page, social media placement with link to Jordan landing page and ad placement in travel trade newsletters.
  • Tischler Reisen client E-newsletter in September. Jordan promotion in a mono-themed Tischler Reisen newsletter to their direct clients (cac. 4.500).

Press Trips
  • Individual press FAM with Mr. Sven Weniger. Print journalist publishing in Suddeutsche Zeitung (one of the biggest newspapers in Germany) During October 17-21st 2013. Feature in Suddeitsche Zeitung. It will be focused on the olive harvest and its surroundings.
  • Group Press FAM: writers, journalists covering in the German media during November 9th-13th.They cover articles and features in the German media landscape. Focusing on medical wellness trips to Jordan (medical buidget).
  • Agent fam trip JTB Germany during November 4th-10th. A travel agent FAM trip to Jordan is planned with 15 participants. Tickets with RJ have been confirmed. Participants will be confirmed and program finalized.
  • Individual Press FAM, Mrs. Bettina Köster, a radio journalist, broadcasting at the German Radio Channel Deutschland Radio / Deautschlandfunk between September 9th-14th. The focus of her trip will be The soundscape of Jordan – Amman Citadel Festival.
  • Group Press FAM: writers and journalists published in German media. Trip will take place from the 21st to the 28th of September. Articles and features in the German media landscape from a trip around the North of Jordan – a combination of culinary and culture tour.

Exhibition or participation in events
  • Coop marketing on the 26th of November. Coop travel talk with Dertour Studientresisen, former Meier’s Studeintreisen in Berlin. 40 travel agents are invited to this special evening. Jordan will be the exclusive partner for this evening.
  • Tour mit Schanz – presentation evenings with church communities: Evenings in different church communities in August / September. The biblical group tour operator “tour mit Schanz” is organizing 10 presentation evenings for different church communities’ promotion Jordan as the perfect destination for biblical group trips. A Jordanian guide will hold a presentation on the different sites in Jordan and attract the people to visit his country.

Promotional activities with press and media
  • E-newsletter in cooperation with several travel portals, consumer marketing in October. Monothematical E-newsletter advertorial specifically tailored to Jordan. There will be three different main subjects about Jordan that are presented in detail and on top attractive offers that are actually available on the internet. Recipients will be the subscribers of several travel portal newsletters such as “airline-direct.de” or “flug.de”. The mailing will be send to more than 875,000 subscribers. Average opening rate 21.6% and a guaranteed number of 175.000 openings.
  • Media dinner with local journalists to celebrate the end of Ramadan on August 8th. This iftar event’s purpose is to promote Jordan and inform the medi about the actual situation. Speak about possible press trips, discuss subjects that could be interesting for the media. Between 10 and 15 attendees are expected to join the dinner. It will be hosted by Sabine Weisel and Lena Kraiser from JTB Germany and will take place in a typical Arabic restaurant (Ksara) in downtown Munich.

  • Advertising in the magazine “Aktiv & Jung” consumer marketing in October 2013. A 1/1 page advertorial on Jordan as a tourism destination and its great diversity will be placed in the magazine “Aktiv & Jung”, a magazine for best-agers with a circulation of 58.000.
  • On-going PR work. Monthly press release is sent out to inform the German media about relevant news and events in Jordan. Planned for June and July are one release about cultural encounters in Jordan as well as one newsletter.
  • On-going facebook and social media activities. Followers receive daily information, news and events on the German speaking facebook account. Photo contests, little raffles and further promotion activities will enrich the viral aspect of the page and will attract new followers and fans.
  For more information on any of the above activities, please contact Mr. Sami Harfoushi - Area Marketing Manager at sami.h@visitjordan.com.
For information on planned marketing activities for each of our source markets, please select a country from the list below.w.