January 2016

President Obama's favorite 2015 movie was filmed in Jordan!

Obama's favorite 2015 movie is "The Martian," starring Matt Damon.

Why are we excited? Oh, it's only because a large chunk of the Hollywood blockbuster was filmed in the red desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan!

The critically acclaimed film - that sees Damon play as an astronaut stranded on Mars - made $108.7 million in its first two weeks at the North American box office.

In an interview with People magazine that was released on Wednesday, the US President also revealed his favorite song and book of this year.

Grammy-nominated rapper Kendrick Lamar's How Much a Dollar Cost tops the charts (and gets them dancing in the shower?) in the White House.

And Obama's fave book stealing a spot on his bookshelf? The Fates and Furies, a novel about a marriage by Lauren Groff.

Groff seemed flabbergasted upon learning of Obama's book selection.

"Never, even in my most grandiose dreams, did I think the President would read my book, let alone like it," she said through her publisher, Riverhead Books.

Source: Albawaba