Tourists, non-residents and visitors to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan can shop without tax by benefiting from “TAG Tax Free”, a comprehensive service made to serve you and provide a pleasant stay in Jordan for you and your family.


You are eligible for a tax refund when you leave Jordan if you are a tourist or non-resident whether a Jordanian or a foreigner on the condition that you have stayed outside the Kingdom for more than 183 days during the last 12 months.

Your purchases must be from registered shops in the Tax-free network.

The invoice and/or receipt should be an original copy and stamped from the shop with your name, the tax value should be not less than 50 JD.

Upon departure, purchases must be presented to the customs officer with invoices and Tax free form must be stamped by the customs officer as “seen upon departure”.

After completing your papers with the Customs Department, you should deliver the refund form, original invoices, a copy of the boarding pass, a copy of the passport, and passenger information form to TAGI Tax Free window. If your papers meet all the refund conditions, and the tax value is between JD 50 and JD 500, the value will be immediately refunded to you.

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