World Travel & Tourism Council Declares Jordan a Safe Destination

(Jordan - Sunday, July 5th The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced today that the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has awarded Jordan the “Safe Travels Stamp” thanks to Jordan’s health safety protocols that were deemed to be in line with the Council’s standards, which makes Jordan a safe destination for Travel & Tourism.

The Ministry stated in a statement published today that WTTC approved the Ministry’s health safety measures, which were also documented and distributed to all tourism sectors and facilities. The Ministry also ensured the proper application of these measures, in addition to training the sectors’ employees on how to abide by them through inspection visits by the Ministry’s monitoring and inspection teams along with other concerned entities. The statement also stated that Gloria Guevara, CEO of WTTC, informed Her Excellency the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Majd Shweikeh of the Council’s decision to award Jordan the “Safe Travels Stamp” through a conference call that took place on Wednesday 1st July between the Minister and the President & CEO of WTTC, congratulating both her and Jordan for this achievement.

Her Excellency, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Majd Shweikeh, expressed her satisfaction at Jordan being awarded the “Safe Travels Stamp” by WTTC, a step that recognizes the country’s efforts for dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic and thus enabling it to offer Safe Travel & Tourism.

In return, Her Excellency thanked the President and CEO of WTTC for their tremendous efforts in championing the initiatives of safety and security of tourism sector.

The Ministry had also stated that the decision issued today by WTTC to award Jordan the “Safe Travels Stamp” reflects Jordan’s commitment to safely resume safe travel and tourism that is supported by a comprehensive set health safety measures.

Her Excellency further elaborated that the series of procedures applied by the Government of Jordan in dealing with coronavirus pandemic, especially those related to the tourism sector through the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, had a tremendous effect on WTTC’s decision to award Jordan the “Safe Travels Stamp.”

Her Excellency explained that the Ministry’s health & safety protocols related to all tourist establishments such as hotels, restaurants, airports, transport, tour guides, camp sites, diving centers etc. were provided to the WTTC and were found to be compatible with those espoused by the WTTC, hence the awarding of the “Safe Travel Stamp” to Jordan.