Gov’t eases Covid restrictions, readjusts protocols

The government on Thursday announced that travelers to the Kingdom, whether Jordanians or foreigners, are no longer required to undergo a PCR test upon arrival to the Kingdom via any entry point.

Announcing a slew of measures aimed at easing Covid-related restrictions and readjusting protocols, State Minister for Media Affairs Faisal Shboul told a press conference that those who test positive for the virus will have to isolate for five days only starting from the date of sample collection and are no longer required to redo the test following the end of the isolation period.

Also, Shboul, who is also the government spokesman, said access to assemblies, such as parties and other ceremonies, is no longer conditioned on the provision of a PCR test, still, he added, those attending such gatherings must be double-vaccinated as per Defense Order No. 35 of 2021.

He added that the daily tally of infections, tests and mortality from the disease will be replaced with a weekly report after the current fourth wave of the pandemic comes to an end.

The minister reaffirmed that in-person education will resume as planned, on February 20th, adding that students who test positive for the virus will be required to isolate for five days and return to school after that period without having to provide a negative PCR test. According to Shboul, the 10-percent infection threshold of a class or a school to switch to remote learning is no longer applicable.

The minister indicated the measures followed a recommendation by the National Epidemiological Committee, stressing that the pandemic has not ended yet and that any other measures will be tied to the epidemiological situation.