Jordan listed on Lonely Planet Best Travel Destinations for 2023

Each Year, Lonely Planet starts with a nomination from Lonely Planet’s vast community of Staff, writers, bloggers, publishing partners, and more to choose the best travel destination to celebrate the world’s top places for food, unwinding, connection, journeys, and learning. This year, Jordan is the only Arab country listed on the Lonely Planet Best Travel Destinations for the year 2023. 

Jordan is the perfect destination that often makes lists for its adventurous itineraries to places like Petra, but it’s also a place where you can build an itinerary that allows you to experience the buzz of Amman before heading to unwind to relax in places like Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea.

The Managing Director of the JTB Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat said: “The majority of our visitors arrive to our capital, Amman, and we are very proud of Jordan’s image as a welcoming country and its reputation as an inclusive destination for everyone”. Dr. Arabiyat also added: “we are delighted that Lonely Planet continues to highlight the important tourism development values among Jordan’s tourism industry, to create a sustainable, regenerative and inclusive industry that drives positive economic growth across the country and enhances a positive financial return on all other tourism sectors”.

About The Jordan Tourism Board (JTB): 

The Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) was officially launched in March 1998 as an independent, public-private sector partnership committed to utilizing marketing strategies to brand, position, and promote the Jordan tourism product as the destination of choice in the international markets. The adopted strategies are tuned to reflect the true image of the Jordan tourism product, being a cultural, natural, religious, adventurous, leisure, and MICE destination.

As part of its marketing strategies, the JTB plans and executes an integrated program of international promotional activities. This program includes active participation in trade fairs, trade workshops, trade and consumer road shows, familiarization trips, press trips, brochure & multimedia production, and media relations. To carry out its goals, the Jordan Tourism Board utilizes the services of offices in Europe and N. America.

About Lonely Planet:

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