As-Salt is a thriving city situated North West of the capital Amman. Built on three main mountains (the cadital, gadaa and salalem), surrounded by the city square, As-Salt is enclosed by breathtaking views and is a wonderful contrast to some of the westernized sites of Amman, thanks to its good water supply and agricultural land it had been settled at least since the Iron Age. It has been identified with Roman Gadaron; and in the Byzantine period it had its own bishop. Its name (Latin: Saltus means wooded valley).

Comfortably perched atop of mountains, As-Salt maintains an authentic society based on affection, brotherhood, and love. The mountainside city also has significant historical relevance, most notably, as the regional capital of the Ottoman Empire. 

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee added As-Salt “the place of tolerance and urban hospitality” to it's World Heritage List to become the sixth Jordanian landmark to be declared a world heritage site.


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