Located in the north of Jordan with the second largest population in the kingdom, Irbid is a mix of authentic Arabian society with flashes of western influence. Boasting panoramic views of the West Bank and ancient architectures from the Roman era, Irbid tells a tale of its own.

3 Star Hotels

Name Name in Arabic Phone Fax Email
Al Joude Hotel فندق الجود 07275515 07275517

Sedra Hotel فندق سدره 07248888 07248889
Seven Days Hotel Suites سفن دايز للأجنحة الفندقية 027255021 027255023

2 Star Hotels

Name Phone Fax Email
View Irbid Plaza hotel 027247043 027243029
kinda house hotel 027245100 027249986

1 Star Hotels

Name Phone Fax Email
Sah Al-Noum Hotel 027407336 027254044
Umayyah Hotel 027245955 027245955
Ajnadien Al-seyahi Hotel 027101450 027101460
Afamia Hotel 027101866 027101867
Tamara & Sarah hotel 027261800 027241400