Jerash is an amazing blend of Greco-Roman and Oriental influences. A great place to visit during the spring with its beautiful rolling hills and lush greenery, Jerash has a rhythm not seen anywhere else in Jordan. Also, every year Jerash hosts the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts, a three week summer program filled with folk dance, music, and theatrical performances.

Bait Khayrat Souf

Bait Khayrat Souf is an organization deeply rooted in local history and known as the spot for tasting and experiencing authentic Jordanian culture. The association acts as a social enterprise and is led by ambitious and active women from the Souf village, each of whom have a skill to offer to every guest.

The goal of Bait Khayrat Souf is to create a platform for local women to financially support themselves through economic development opportunities, such as domestic and international tourism.

Bait Khayrat Souf specializes in delicious traditional food, making jams from local seasonal ingredients and brewing their secret blend of highly beneficial decaffeinated acorn coffee and medicinal herbs.

this tranquil kitchen and garden serves up local breakfast, goods, and cooking lessons while providing training and jobs to local women.

Telephone: 00962 77 9959 058


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