Zarqa is a Jordanian city and the capital of the Zarqa Governorate, which is nearly 20 km northeast of the capital city of Amman. Zarqa is the third largest city in terms of population, with a population of about 572,290 in 2013, and is considered the industrial capital of Jordan. There are many locations not to be missed in Zarqa including a wildlife reserve, a wetland reserve and several castles. 

3 Star Hotels

Name Name in Arabic Phone/Fax Website
Jawabreh Hotel and Suites جوابرة للاجنحة الفندقية 053866066 / 053866069

2 Star Hotels

Name Phone Fax Website
Azraq Rest House 023834006 023835215

1 Star Hotels

Name Phone Fax Email
Al-Tirawi Hotel 0795555447 055555447


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